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If your theme for this Halloween is rustic, sexy beauty, then a Fraulein costume is the way to go. Even though the costume has a rural allure, it is, nevertheless, very hot. The costume is an amazing combination of appeal and details and is surely going to make you the center of attention in any party.

Welcome to FrauleinCostume.Com, the web’s number one place for finding the right Fraulein costume options for your big night out! If you are a fan of the motion picture blockbuster The Sound of Music, then perhaps dressing in a Fraulein costume is right up your alley!  This type of costume pays homage to the film’s main character, Maria, who is a girl who abandons the seclusion of life in the abbey to become the mistress of the house (and tutor) to a passel of children, eventually falling in love with their lonely father and marrying him!  A Fraulein costume would pay homage to your love of Maria, who the nuns couldn’t seem to “solve the problem” of! Of course, Fraulein Maria is not the only Fraulein costume that you might be interested in.  Fraulein is a German word that means young girl or unmarried woman.  It can also be used to refer to women who serve drinks in a bar.

Most Fraulein costumes on the market feature period clothing from the time that the movie was made, although many of them may take on a more flirty or adult look.  That is certainly okay if you are looking for a head turning costume that will draw the guys’ attention.  Most Fraulein Costumes feature:

-          A dress that is peasant style and that has a beautiful, revealing bodice and skirt.  There are tons of color combinations that you can select from with this type of dress.  For a more traditional Fraulein costume, the dress would be below the knee or even floor length. For a flirtier, more contemporary Fraulein costume, or beer serving girl, the costume might be above the knee.  The sleeves of the dress will be puffy and most of the time, the skirt is a floral print.

Accessories to go with your Fraulein costume include hair ribbons and period shoes.  Since the real Fraulein wasn’t a woman of means, it is often best to portray her in the same type of raggy clothing that she would have worn centuries ago.  If you are going for a Fraulein costume as a disguise, complete your outfit with a fun wig!

Fraulein is a German word and is used to address young girls. Certainly, Fraulein was not a word only used to address young girls in the farms; the term was also used to address the beautiful girls that served beer in the bars. So, now you may understand that how their fashion statement was specifically directed towards raising the heartbeat of men.

In earlier times, it would be considered demeaning to address an adult as Fraulein. However, today it is taken to be the sexiest title and a big big compliment.

You can buy a lot of variations of the Fraulein Girl costume. However, all the varieties would have at least one thing in common – the classic appeal that one gets to see in the old Hollywood movies in the western bars. The costume set, typically, includes a short skirt with frills and a top that has been intricately designed with laces and frills. There are many layers to this dress, so prepare to spend some time in dressing up. However, all the time and labour spent would be worth it as the results are going to be stunning and the Fraulein costume is going to make you a cynosure in no time.  As an added accessory, you may want to buy a pair of long stockings to add to your getup.

Accessorizing Your Costume

If you are looking to accessorize your Fraulein costume, then you should think “German” and “young unmarried woman”. Many of today’s Fraulein costumes feature a braided wig (or braid your own hair if you have long hair) with side braids, a handkerchief style hat, sexy dress with corset lace up the front (although there are some costumes that go to the floor), and black shoes with white lacy socks. You can choose to carry a German beer mug or stein with you as an accessory. Many Frauleins served up drinks in German pubs, so this type of prop or accessory is super fitting for your Fraulein get-up.

Measuring for Your Costume

Serving up those steins of German beer is easier for you when your Fraulein costume fits you well.  Matching up your measurements to those of the Fraulein costume that you like most will help you to find the best costume so that you do not have to worry with returns (and you don’t have to try to ‘pour’ yourself into). When in doubt, buy a size bigger. Check your chest, hips and waist measurements against those for the costume or costume size chart. You can quickly see if the costume is a hit or miss before ordering. It pays to know!

The Fraulein costume is something that transcends age when it comes to women. Actually, it is a costume that suits even the plus size woman. Though it has a rustic charm to it, it is definitely attractive. The costume is made of a plain dress that has a frill front. Add to that a small apron and a frilly cap that can be tied under your chin or at the base of your neck and you have an irresistible costume on your hands. Much in the same vein, if you could work in two long plaits should you not have natural hair, then it would complete the look.

Fraulein Halloween Costume

Originally a German word, the term Fraulein is used to refer to young girls or unmarried women. Sometimes, the term is also used to address young women serving beers in the bars. Dressing up in a Fraulein costume this Halloween would drive men crazy for you and would get you more attention than you could have ever imagined.

You can choose from a wide variety of captivating Fraulein Halloween Costumes.  These are available in different sizes and you are sure to find one that fits you well. Fraulein costume is one Halloween costume that is absolutely fun to wear. They are not just very appealing but also very comfortable to be in.

One of the most recommendable varieties of Fraulein Costume is the beer garden girl costume.

It is a peasant style outfit and comes with a gorgeous bodice and skirt. You can choose from different colour combinations. The costume is beautifully made and lends you an awesome appearance. The skirt included is a short skirt and ends just above the knee, thus making your appear taller as well as hotter. The Fraulein costumes usually have puffy sleeves and the skirts are flower-adorned.

The dress is specially designed to be comfortable and is made up of materials like cotton, nylon and polyester. You can buy it in extra-small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes. In a nutshell, you are sure to find a dress that fits you well.

To complete the Fraulein look, you may want to buy some additional accessories, like matching shoes, hair ribbons and beer mug handbag. This all would work to enhance the appearance of your Fraulein dress.

Some other choices in Fraulein Costume include Honey Ale Fraulein costume and German beer girl costume.

So mesmerize everyone this Halloween by dressing up as Fraulein.

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